The IKM Vision and Mission


Our Vision is a world where essential information is shared for the improvement of people’s lives; one in which the information gap is increasingly being bridged and higher levels of sustainability of ecological, social and economic systems is achieved through effective knowledge management and information sharing.


Our Mission is:

Our Approach

In line with our human development philosophy of capacity transfer, local ownership and collective effort, our focus is on assisting local entities or projects in ways that they have the ownership rather than IKM taking credit. A good example is DLIST (see:;, which has produced films, plans, books, databases, heritage projects, radio shows, etc. We are interested in the footprint that we leave rather than build the organisation in a self-serving way.

Our involvement extends beyond its own contracted projects. We also provide support to community, government, public and private institutions and projects, often on a pro bono basis when funding may be difficult to access, provided that such activities promote the company’s aims and objectives. We stand on the belief that our agenda and activities should not be shaped only by available funding but rather by needs that can be served through partnerships between entities with a common cause. We have unlocked support from filming companies, educational institutions, consulting firms, government entities, the private sector and donors that were contacted to move along specific initiatives.


In brief, we...


Provide a platform for
information sharing, and pooling and distribution of knowledge.

Provide a structural framework through which smaller organisations can harness their collective powers.


Encourage collective thinking from a wide variety of players to negotiate difficult situations and obstacles.



Provide an avenue that can be used by community-based and historically and economically disadvantaged groups.