How IKM Operates

IKM is involved in projects ranging from international organizations and donors to local communities.

Our network represents a pool of knowledge that can be applied for the common good, in a not for profit way. This vision is implemented by providing information sharing platforms that pool and distribute knowledge, and encourage collective thinking to overcome obstacles to equitable and sustainable development. We create avenues that can be used by community-based and historically and economically disadvantaged groups to obtain access to information, funding, or direct connection to power centres. Furthermore we believe that ground level realities deserve to get the required attention of those who have the power to change them for the better. To this effect, we have worked on a number of projects to ensure that community voices are heard (see: for local and international governments, the World Bank, the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), NGOs, and local communities. The client base has not only been limited to international donors but includes governments of different countries to conduct development work. Its directors, backed up by a larger group of members are competent in the following key areas: participative filming, heritage assessments, preparation for World Heritage Site nomination dossiers, cultural landscape mapping, protected area planning, integrated land use planning, sustainable tourism, biodiversity conservation, coastal policy, development of conservation strategies, and policy and institutional frameworks.


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