South Africa has new UN heritage site

Posted: 11-07-2017

Johannesburg - A desert area in South Africa that was inhabited during the Stone Age has been added to the United Nations UNESCO World Heritage List.

UNESCO announced in Poland at the weekend that the ‡Khomani Cultural Landscape at South Africa's border with Botswana and Namibia testified to the way of life of the once-nomadic San people that influenced the area for over thousands of years.

IKM prepared the nomination process and ran the four year community-involved process in preparation for the nomination. It supported the State Party in the final period running up to the nomination of the site as a World Heritage Site.

To IKM this project is a remarkable example of “putting the last, first”, as the ‡Khomani has experienced severe repression since shortly after Europeans settled the Cape of Good Hope, almost 400 years ago.

For more information contact IKM, visit the World Heritage Site website, and read the South African Government's media statement.

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