IKM has three directors and a growing list of members from across the Africa region and beyond. Members are people who ascribe to the Vision and Missions of IKM and do their level best to pursue the organisation's objectives. Any exiting member can suggest a new member. A written motivation by the proposing member, a letter of secondment by another member, and the CV of the suggested new member will be circulated to IKM members one month ahead of scheduled meetings. New members are therefore ratified by a a group decision.

Members can use the IKM platform and network to propose projects as long as such projects pursue the overall aims of the organisation and are approved by at least two of the three directors.


Francois Odendaal
Film Producer
Environmental Consultant
Dr. Francois Odendaal (PhD, FRGS)completed his doctorate in ecological studies in 1981 in Australia and then joined Stanford...
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Joani November
Joan November has extensive experience in community facilitation processes. She was involved with the establishment of the...
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List of Members